Risk Response

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Accepting, avoiding, mitigating, sharing, or transferring risk to organizational operations (mission, functions, image, or reputation), organizational assets, individuals, other organizations, and the Nation. 

See the following under Risk Response for detailed information: 

NIST SP 800-137.
NIST SP 800-30 Rev. 1 NIST SP 800-39.
NIST SP 800-160 Vol. 2 from NIST SP 800-39.
NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 4.
NIST SP 800-37 Rev. 2.
NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 5 from OMB Circular A-130 (2016).

A way to keep risk within tolerable levels. Negative risks can be accepted, transferred, mitigated, or avoided. Positive risks can be realized, shared, enhanced, or accepted.

See NISTIR 8286 under Risk Response for detailed information. 

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