Risk Management

The process of managing risks to organizational operations organizational assets

Risk Tolerance

The level of risk an entity is willing to assume in order to achieve a potential desired

Risk Mitigation

Prioritizing, evaluating, and implementing the appropriate risk-reducing controls

Media Sanitization

A general term referring to the actions taken to render data written on media unrecoverable

Mission Critical

Any telecommunications or information system that is defined as a national security

Mobile Code

Software programs or parts of programs obtained from remote systems

Log Analysis

Studying log entries to identify events of interest or suppress log entries

Random Number

For the purposes of this Recommendation, a value in a set that has an equal probability


A record of the events occurring within an organization’s systems and networks.

Log Clearing

Removing all entries from a log that precede a certain date and time.


Consists of the information passed down from the previous layer.


Access control based on user roles (i.e., a collection of access authorizations a user


To write data on a medium, such as a magnetic tape, magnetic disk, or optical disk.


An authentication and accounting system used to control access to an ISP.

Event Aggregation

The consolidation of similar log entries into a single entry containing a count of the number


Business Continuity Plan. The documentation of a predetermined set of instructions

Message Digest

The result of applying a cryptographic hash function to data (e.g., a message).


A computer program that can run independently, can propagate a complete working

Wireless Device

Any device that can connect to an ICS network via radio or infrared waves

Event Correlation

Finding relationships between two or more log entries. See NIST SP 800-92

Network Discovery

The process of discovering active and responding hosts on a network


Process intended to render magnetically stored information irretrievable by normal means.

Key Owner

A person authorized by an FCKMS service provider or FCKMS service