Process that removes the association between the identifying dataset and the data subject.


A uniform resource identifier, or URI, is a short string containing a name or address which refers to an object in the “web.”

Time bomb

Resident computer program that triggers an unauthorized act at a predefined time.


The process of preparing National Security System equipment for disposal by extracting all CCI

Encryption Certificate

A certificate containing a public key that can encrypt or decrypt electronic messages, files, documents


To combine several more-specific prefixes into a less-specific prefix.


A generic term encompassing decoding and deciphering.


Convert encoded data back to its original form of representation.


An assessment object that includes people applying specifications, mechanisms, or activities.

Network Address Translation (NAT)

A routing technology used by many firewalls to hide internal system addresses from an external network through use of an addressing schema.


Output Block.


Encompasses all those components of the system that are to be accredited by the DAA.

Certificate Policy (CP)

A specialized form of administrative policy tuned to electronic transactions performed during certificate management.


A host-based IPS program that monitors and analyzes activity and performs preventive actions.

Encryption Algorithm

Set of mathematically expressed rules for rendering data unintelligible by executing a series of conversions controlled by a key.


Convert enciphered text to plain text by means of a cryptographic system.

Antispyware Software

A program that specializes in detecting both malware and non-malware forms of spyware.


A technique for concealing or destroying data so that others cannot access it.


Authorization to perform some action on a system.


 The level of impact on organizational operations (including mission, functions, image


The state that exists when information is being electronically sent from one location

Container Runtime

The environment for each container; comprised of binaries coordinating multiple OS