Certificate (General)

Also known as a digital certificate. A digital representation of information which at least 1. identifies the certification authority issuing it, 2. names or identifies its subscriber, 3. contains the subscriber’s public key, 4. identifies its operational period, and 5. is digitally signed by the certification authority issuing it. 

See NISTIR 7711 under Certificate for more information. 

Certificate (Details)

A data structure that contains an entity’s identifier(s), the entity’s public key (including an indication of the associated set of domain parameters) and possibly other information, along with a signature on that data set that is generated by a trusted party, i.e. a certificate authority, thereby binding the public key to the included identifier(s). 

See NIST SP 800-56A Rev. 2 under Public-key certificate for more information. 

A digital representation of information which at least (1) identifies the certification authority issuing it, (2) names or identifies its subscriber, (3) contains the subscriber’s public key, (4) identifies its operational period, and (5) is digitally signed by the certification authority issuing it. [ABADSG]. As used in this CP, the term “Certificate” refers to certificates that expressly reference the OID of this CP in the “Certificate Policies” field of an X.509 v.3 certificate. 

See NIST SP 800-32 under Certificate (ABADSG - plus note) for more information. 

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