Blue Team

 The group responsible for defending an enterprise’s use of information systems by maintaining its security posture against a group of mock attackers (i.e., the Red Team). 

Typically the Blue Team and its supporters must defend against real or simulated attacks:

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1) over a significant period of time,  

2) in a representative operational context (e.g., as part of an operational exercise)

3) according to rules established and monitored with the help of a neutral group refereeing the simulation or exercise (i.e., the White Team). 

See CNSSI 4009-2015 for more information. 
  A group of individuals that conduct operational network vulnerability evaluations and provide mitigation techniques to customers who have a need for an independent technical review of their network security posture. The Blue Team identifies security threats and risks in the operating environment, and in cooperation with the customer, analyzes the network environment and its current state of security readiness. Based on the Blue Team findings and expertise, they provide recommendations that integrate into an overall community security solution to increase the customer’s cybersecurity readiness posture. Often times a Blue Team is employed by itself or prior to a Red Team employment to ensure that the customer’s networks are as secure as possible before having the Red Team test the systems. 

See CNSSI 4009-2015 for more information. 

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