Universal Serial Bus A hardware interface for low-speed peripherals such as the keyboard

Byte String

An ordered sequence of bytes. See NIST SP 800-56B Rev. 1 and NIST SP 800-56A Rev. 2

Warm Site

An environmentally conditioned work space that is partially equipped with information


A measurable physical characteristic or personal behavioral trait used

Patch Management

The systematic notification, identification, deployment, installation, and verification


Federal Desktop Core Configuration OMB-mandated set of security configurations

Packet Filtering

See “Packet Filtering”. See NIST SP 800-41 Rev. 1 under Stateless Inspection

Read-Only Memory

ROM is a pre-recorded storage medium that can only be read from and not written to.


Refers to the ability to deduce the identity of a person associated with a set of data


An instance of an information type. Meaningful interpretation or expression of data.


A physically Destructive method of sanitizing media; the act of burning completely


Light Director Access Protocol The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, or LDAP

Least Privilege

The principle that a security architecture should be designed so that each entity is granted


Time delay in processing voice packets. See NIST SP 800-58 for more information.

Key Distribution

The transport of a key and other keying material from an entity that either owns


A programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java contains a number of


A scripting language for use in developing interactive Web sites.

Key Logger

A program designed to record which keys are pressed on a computer keyboard